GAT is committed to helping companies find solutions.

From small shops to large assembly operations, manufacturers rely on automation to stay on top of the industry. We draw from our wealth of experience and expertise as System Integrators of Automation to make sure your processes improve productivity, increase quality, maximize profits and maintain a competitive edge.

We use industry leading robots for their superior reliability, unrivaled global support, and ease of use in our solutions for our customers. Since 2017, we have been an authorized system integrator for FANUC robots.

As industry experts with coatings (paint, adhesives and sealing), material handling, welding, and pick-and-place robots/robotic systems, all our customers come back to us for new offers to help them continue to be competitive using automation. We build relationships for future business that is second to none.

GAT is committed to encouraging the next generation of both men and women to get involved in STEM and automation programs.

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We are disciplined and stay true to our core competencies. After saving multiple customers from making poor automation decisions that our competitors were hoping to exploit, we earned the respect and trust of not only our clients but the community.

GAT continues to maintain our level-headed focus and direction. The company’s dedication to giving our clientele superior products and services is unparalleled. Such discipline and ethics permit us to remain in business and serve the needs of our customers, our most valued partners.


Details matter and without complete focus, projects fail. It is easy to look at a problem from a distance and make assumptions, but it is far more challenging to explore the details of a problem under a microscope and discover the real issue – but we do. GAT is focused on the details.


We are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers and stakeholders. To give you the best possible results, it is necessary to hold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity in all areas of business and business relationships. Competitors are afraid to offer the performance guarantees GAT’s customers are offered. Because of the unique offers extended to its clients, GAT takes its obligations extremely seriously.

Our customers are operating in the most competitive, rapidly changing, complex and technologically advanced global marketplace in human history. Therefore, we make offers to keep both them and ourselves on top.

Our customers are operating in the most competitive, rapidly changing, complex and technologically advanced global marketplace in human history.

Our Strategy

Our vision is to be a leading supplier of high-value consultancy, mechanization, and project management services to the world’s energy, manufacturing and process industries.

The primary focus for the company’s services are the design, automation engineering, installation, commission and support of projects around the world. We go where many others hesitate to explore.

Global Automation Technologies, LLC sets the standards against which performance is measured in our industry. To do that, we ensure every employee has the skills and tools they need to deliver outstanding performance.

Consistency, Competency, & Confidentiality

We keep our client projects confidential and adhere to nondisclosure agreements. TRUST between all parties is imperative.

However, upon request, we are able to submit a list of references for our “okay to disclose” projects.

Global Automation Technologies, LLC aspires to excellence in everything we do — every day, throughout the world.

We maintain our excellence by hiring manufacturing, software controls, process, and other engineers who worked in high-tech manufacturing plants around the world. Our employees are experts in their fields and enjoy what they do day to day. Every specialist on staff is given opportunities to grow in many ways. Each individual at GAT enjoys the challenges our customers place on them as well as the high demands of tough and innovative environments.

GAT ensures our employees have the skills and tools they need to deliver outstanding work and performance.