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Project Management

Our team provides proactive and timely communication on project issues and concerns. Project Managers are involved early on, during the bid phase, and continue until project closeout. We document and manage change on all projects through our change management process.  Our project managers have a deep understanding of technical concepts and build partnerships, internally and externally, at the technical level.

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Mechanical Design

Our team will use the Process Study and the Robot Simulation design to create a complete set of mechanical specifications and drawings in AutoCad or SolidWorks. These mechanical sets are used to locate the system components in the correct 3-dimensional position (within 2-3mm tolerance) and orientation. This allows the offline simulations to transfer to the real world (online) seamlessly and allows shorter start-up and commissioning times onsite.

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Some of our customers have made requests of us to help them alleviate short to medium-term staffing needs. We help them overcome these obstacles with the same dedication we exercise towards finding the perfect employee for our company. This frees them to focus on what matters to them – productivity and success.

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Service & Maintenance

Either as part of a package with the Health Assessment, or as a standalone event, we are able to help our customers with robotic maintenance that would usually engulf their own maintenance team. We provide a service solution, with an option for discounted spare parts for the work required.

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Software Controls

From new developments on OEM HMI units and PLCs to custom VisualBasic.NET and C#.NET PC based HMIs, we offer talented and experienced automators to create, enhance or support automation projects and installations – worldwide.

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Process Study

Our team studies the customer’s documentation and needs and then analyze the system using industry standards, physical constraints and end result demands to produce a solution for the draft/final bid process. The system layout is developed taking into account the overall process, management and organization of the facility.

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Controls Design

We are experts in multiple hardware and software systems and are able to design an integrated solution that meets, and often exceeds, customer expectations. We use various controls platforms and interfaces. These include, but are not limited to, Rockwell GuardLogix, Siemens S7, Mitsubishi, RSView, and custom Visual Basic or Visual C# interfaces.

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Health Assessment

Customers are looking to extend the life of their robotic automation and we provide a detailed and comprehensive study of each robot from the applicator to the connection to the main power, electrically, mechanically and pneumatically. We perform this Health Assessment with no risk to production and 5, 10 or 15 year intervals. Reports show exactly what needs to be fix and includes part-numbers for easy ordering from OEM’s.

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Robot Simulation (Offline)

Using the latest technologies for virtual robot simulation, our automators validate and optimize the robot application to accommodate the cycle time, degrade modes, appearance and quality requirements. This offline process is used to optimize the work cell needed, safety requirements (RIA standards), specifications for custom controls design and to determine the best solution, while keeping the capital investment as low as possible.

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Technical Documentation

No project is closed until the final support documents; reference manuals and operating and maintenance procedures are handed over to our customer. Some support document examples being Maximo (GM), TEMS (FORD) and WCM (Fiat Chrysler) document standards.

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Not only do we make a very special offer to our customers when they purchase a robotic solution from us, but we also provide very specific training to customers for their operators, maintenance staff and production engineers.

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is about making your machines totally connected so that all sensors share all data constantly to optimize and improve production. Technology can harness all information from existing component sensors by acting as a hub for data gathering. This allows predictive maintenance and machine optimization. Data can also be analyzed to improve the design of future machines.

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