Staffing Division

People Focused. Passion Driven.

Why Use a Staffing Division?

Born out of a desire to fulfill the business ambitions of our clients, our staffing division evolved into so much more. From automotive OEMs, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses alike, GLOBAL is a go-to choice in automation recruiting. As part of a leading, Detroit based, women-run, WBENC-certified company, we are committed to helping our team members and clients succeed in the most rapidly changing global environment.

We embody our discipline, focus, and commitment into everything we do. The courage to do what is right and the determination to work strategically for our clients. We aren’t looking for shortcuts or the easy way out. GLOBAL works hard to produce outstanding results to build our reputation in the automation industry. We lower client costs by working strategically to locate ideal candidates, thereby freeing our client’s up to focus on other areas of their business.

People are our passion. You are more than just a number to us. Our customers and staff are the reason behind everything we do. Our priorities are developing unique customer and client relationships, supporting our staff both in and out of the office, and ensuring we are present in our community. We actively work to build our network, develop our own identity, and identify where we can go next.

GLOBAL is passionate not only about hiring people but helping them succeed. As a company, we strive to lower everyone’s cost of effort on the day-to-day things, so they have the space and capacity to grow and learn strategically. Rather than focusing on page after page of paperwork, we want our employees to be able to help us bring new technologies to our clients. And we help them do just that! We take risks and help our employees reskill or upskill what they already know so they can be as competitive as possible in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Whether they are competitive with us or elsewhere down the line, we encourage personal growth through additional education, coaching and mentors, seminars and conferences, or new business philosophies. Encouraging exploration and innovation is key and we work with each individual employee to do exactly that.

In pursuing our business passions, we make sure to always support yours! Our focus is your satisfaction. Every day, we use our knowledge and collaborate with you to create new offers for every individual we meet. We love the relationships that we garner by working with our customers on a one-on-one basis. Our staffing division has dozens of years of experience finding the ideal candidates for a variety of different positions. Together, we work to bring the best offers to the table and be as dynamic as possible.

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Let’s Work Together

​We help industry clients find short and mid-term staffing solutions for any area of their business. Every day, our knowledge allows us to create new offers for our candidates and clients. Are you ready to collaborate? Reach out today and see how we can help fulfill your staffing needs.